Juegos educativos Educación Infantil





Vedoque One - Chicken

A game for children in which they can learn the numbers, the colors and to control the mouse.
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Colours Vedoque

Mixed activities where you make use of the mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard. These activities will help with the understanding and learning the colours and the layout of space: up, down, left and right.
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Move the mouse

It focuses on three basic techniques using the mouse: point, click and drag. We have designed four activities for each technique with some hidden surprises to be discovered.
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Vocabulario - Learn Spanish

A new game for kids to start learning Spanish. It is made to learn about fruits, colours, shapes and body parts.
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Maths Farm

The game is aimed at Primary School children and try to make Maths a little more fun. The player must click on the animal with the correct answer.
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A game aimed to learn words about colours, shapes, body parts and fruits. It's good for kids at kindergarten or primary school.
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Play with the puzzles formed by the pentominoes, figures of five connected squares. They were created by Solomon W. Golomb
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The Math Farm

PLay with the animals farm and learn maths. Catch the hens and add correctly
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