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The Math Farm

PLay with the animals farm and learn maths. Catch the hens and add correctly
Mathematics - Primary


Play with the puzzles formed by the pentominoes, figures of five connected squares. They were created by Solomon W. Golomb
Mathematics - Primary

Hexamano Virtual

Take care of Hexamano and do it smarter. You must shower him, wash his hands and brush his teeth. You can play more than 20 mini-games and feed him.
Todos - Todos

14 minigames

14 minigames where you must only make click
Varias - Todos

Typing Test

Test your typing skill and you can write your name in the Top Ten. Type fast and without mistakes.
Typing - All

10 Candy Numbers

An entertaining puzzle game that will remind you of the famous saga "Candy Crush". You'll have to select the adjacent numbers to solve this puzzle before the time's up.
Mathematics - All

Typing Vedoque 2

The second group of lessons to learn typing faster. Place right your fingers and start.
Typing - All

Vedoque One - Chicken

A game for children in which they can learn the numbers, the colors and to control the mouse.
All - Preschool

Martian numbers

Your task is to defend Earth from the Space Invaders. To do it, you will need to be able to fly your spaceship and you should know your times tables by heart.
Mathematics - Primary

Multifruit Trees

Vedoque World is the only place with Mixed fruit trees. There are oranges, the same tree. Try to find a pair of trees with the same arrangement of fruit in it.
Varias - Infantil

Protect your castle

Type the code of the bombs to deactivate them before your castle is destroyed
Mecanograf - Todos

Typing Vedoque 1

Our first group of lessons to learn typing faster. Place right your fingers and start.
Typing - Primary

The typing windmills

You must type the letters when they are in the circle. Put your hands right on the keyboard and type the correct letters
Typing - Primary

The Mouse Maze

Put the mouse over the red circle and take it to the treasure chest avoiding the walls and the monsters.
All - All

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