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Christmas game 2011

Drive the Santa's sleigh, win the sledge race and get the presents with The Three Wise men
All - All

Eat letters Snake

A classic game with a new flavour. Drive the snake to eat the letters in the correct order.
All - All

The frogs race

The frog racing arrive to Vedoque. All the vedoques have been training their frogs to be faster. Are you ready?
Mathematics - Primary

Play with Sol Lewitt's paintings

Play these games based in Sol Lewitt's paintings, an American artist linked to various movements, including Conceptual art and Minimalism
arts - Primary

The Typing Spaceship game

The robot-spacecrafts from Vedoque World have been infected with a virus and they have gone mad. You must type its key before they kill you.
Typing - Primary

Airplane Typing

Type the letters before they fly out of the screen. Improve your typing skills with this funny game.
Typing - Primary

The lost numbers

This game is aimed at Primary School children and try to make Maths a little more fun. It has three level: add, subtractions and multiply
Mathematics - Primary

Colours Vedoque

Mixed activities where you make use of the mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard. These activities will help with the understanding and learning the colours and the layout of space: up, down, left and right.
Plastic - Preschool

Move the mouse

It focuses on three basic techniques using the mouse: point, click and drag. We have designed four activities for each technique with some hidden surprises to be discovered.
All - Preschool

Vocabulario - Learn Spanish

A new game for kids to start learning Spanish. It is made to learn about fruits, colours, shapes and body parts.
Spanish - Primary

Maths Hide and Seek

The Vedoques love to hide. But don't worry! They are leaving us clues to find them. The Vedoques are behind the correct answer.
Mathematics - Primary

Maths Farm

The game is aimed at Primary School children and try to make Maths a little more fun. The player must click on the animal with the correct answer.
Mathematics - Primary

Add 10

The number 10 is trendy now on Vedoque. All the operations have the same result: 10.
Mathematics - Primary


A game aimed to learn words about colours, shapes, body parts and fruits. It's good for kids at kindergarten or primary school.
English - Preschool

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